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Multi-Channel Platform

Jemm Group is a global digital entertainment advertising platform, offering clients unique access to a highly tailored and rewarding environment. Using a convergence of mutli-platform techniques, Jemm creates the most innovative and effective advertising solutions across display, mobile, video and audio advertising. Jemm is at the forefront of brand safety in the industry, offering cutting-edge market leading technology and granular targeting.

Jemm Music Channels

Jemm’s passion for all things entertainment goes way beyond our love for media and technology. At the beginning of 2013 we launched JemmRadio, boasting three online radio stations: JemmOne – dance, JemmTwo – rock and JemmThree – musicals and theatre. Most recently we have created Jemm.TV, an online television station channel, which plays 24 hour news and music from across the globe.

  • Internet radio makes up 23% of music listening

    compared to 24% for AM/FM listeners

  • 61% of listeners don’t keep player minimised

    64% often check the player for song/artist info

  • More than 50% of people watch television online

    with “Online TV show free” reaching 677 million hits on Google

Our Radio Stations



JemmTwo Radio plays everything from classic rock to the latest chart topping rock bands. JemmTwo also gives unsigned artists and bands a unique opportunity to have their music heard on the radio.

Reaching over 15,000 weekly reach

JemmTwo listeners are professional, affluent adults ages 20 – 35

These listeners are indie and live music fans who frequent festivals

Visit JemmTwo


JemmThree a one of a kind station playing the best from the musical theatre. Listeners can find out the lastest in Musical news from our presenters.

Reaching over 75,000 listeners weekly

JemmOne listeners are professional, affluent adults ages 35 – 55

These listeners are fans of musicals and performance arts, who often attend the theatre

Visit JemmThree

Jemm Technology

Jemm has developed a collection of innovative technology solutions to advance our clients experience. We are continually investing in and improving our technology, making the way we work more efficient and effective.


Online account management tool for publishers


Company online task management and workflow tool


Online white list tool to protect clients brand safety


Proprietory in-stream audio advertising solution

Matt Whaley

Matt Whaley


Matt founded Jemm in 2007 and has been an integral part of the success and expansion which Jemm has experienced over the last four years.

Jo Whaley

Jo Whaley


Jo is Co-Founder of Jemm and better half to CEO Matt Whaley. She has been with the company since the very beginning and continues to grace us with her amazing fashion sense and colour coordination.

David Lamb

David Lamb


He is a commercially focused CFO with track record in fund-raising and business globalisation as well as being a champion golfer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Robert Box

Robert Box

Head of Technology Solutions

Rob is our technology genius and everyday stress saver. There is no problem too big or too small for him to fix. Don‘t know why your email isn’t sending, he can help. Don’t know why your internet connection is so slow, he can help.

Sam Hyam

Sam Hyam

Operations Director

As the longest resident of Jemm Group, Sam manages the Ops team with an iron fist of love. His hobbies include Media Thursdays and every Friday you can be sure to find him at KFC.

Robin Crowley

Robin Crowley

Head of Publisher Services

Radio station presenter and producer extraordinaire, Robin Crowley not only is one of our JemmThree presenters but also Head of Publisher Services. His favorite quote is "Whatever you believe the truth to be is the truth for you!"

Russell Dillon

Russell Dillon

Head of Direct Sales

Russell joined Jemm in 2013 and also works as a DJ on JemmOne. His great passion in life is football. He runs a boys under 11 team as well as overseeing another 14 teams in his role as secretary for his local football club.

Catherine Dyson

Catherine Dyson

Head of Agency Demand

Originally from South Africa, Catherine Dyson is a successful advertising sales manager, with a proven track record of achievement in the communication industry.

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